5 Benefits of Acoustic Cork Underlay

Choosing the right underlay is an important part of choosing a floor and should not be overlooked.  It forms a solid foundation, that can determine the satisfactory performance of the floor in terms of acoustical properties and comfort, as well as adding to the longevity of the floor.

Even though you can’t see it, it can still be felt and perceived through the added-value that it gives to the space in which it is installed in. There are varying different underlays made out of synthetic materials but the natural qualities of cork add unique benefits that contribute to high-performance and comfort.

Acoustic Cork

5 benefits of acoustic cork underlay


Acoustic qualities – the unique cellular construction of cork, consisting of approximately 40 million air filled cells per cubic centimetre is the secret. The entrapped air serves as a very effective noise barrier while providing natural resilience and great insulation values. It is also deadens the impact noise, such as that made by high heel shoes on hardwood floors.

Acoustic Cork should be used in buildings where it is necessary to reduce noise transmission from floor to floor or from room to room, such as in apartment blocks, schools, hotels and offices.

Thermal Insulation  –  the low density (10-12lbs) natural composition cork is lightweight and provides excellent thermal insulation. Cork is known to be one of the best natural insulation materials in the world.

Environmentally Friendly –  cork is environmentally friendly because it is one of nature’s few rewnable resources. Cork oak bark is harvested in nine year cycles with mature trees living up to 250 years. Unlike synthetic man-made underlays, cork cells do not break down or lose their natural resilience even after years of heavy use.

Stress Crack Protection – the use of cork underlay can help eliminate cracks in the substrate from transferring through to your finished flooring material.  It provides stress crack protection for ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring.

Easy to Install – the installation of cork underlay is relatively easy, but highly effective.  It comes in cork sheets which come in different thicknesses dependent on your needs. It is light in weight, but extremely durable therefore making it easy to install. It can be laid over any type of sub-floor as well as under ceramics, vinyl timber marble, natural stone or carpet.


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