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Outstanding properties of Ceramin®-based products:
– Heavy duty, extremely robust and waterproof
– PVC and contaminant free
– Ecological; 100 % recoverable and easily recyclable
– Lightweight
– Designed and manufactured in Germany

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What makes Ceramin® such a special product?

Due to its lower material density, Ceramin® is far lighter than ceramic.
None-the-less, it is just as stable, waterproof and heavy duty.
The Ceramin® components are bonded together at low temperatures – in a production method which is low in energy use and emissions.
Ceramin® forms the ecological and economic basis for new ideas and durable products for the housing and non-housing sector.

What makes Ceramin® an ecological material ?

Natural, uncontaminated minerals are tightly bonded with polymers.
Polymers, such as the polyolefin used here, are also used in medicine and food packaging.
Thanks to its particularly ecological properties, Ceramin® enables the production of PVC-free products.
For example, designer floors which are absolutely free from phthalates, plasticisers, heavy metals or other soluble or volatile harmful substances.
This makes Ceramin®-based products environmentally friendly and ecological.
The materials Ceramin® is produced with, ensure careful use of resources and are 100 % recyclable and recoverable.

Our complete Ceramin® range:

Neo 2.0 – By Classen is the floor covering for ALL living areas: highly resilient and durable in hallways and kitchens, warm underfoot, hygienic and ecological for children’s rooms and bedrooms, elegant and classy in representative rooms.

Sono – As above, but also a wider range of authentic and large format wood decors for all living areas.

Vario – A real alternative to natural stone and tiles, giving you all the advantages of a ceramic tile but substantially more lightweight and very easy to install.

Ceramin Flooring