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Laminate Flooring

Creative Flooring is proud of its laminate flooring which is designed and manufactured in Germany. The range is extensive and features the Wiparquet® and Extravagant® collections. All laminates use the Classen Megaloc® system which is the fastest and easiest laying system in the world.

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Laminate flooring is often the first choice for many home owners these days. The wear-resistant nature and tough melamine surface can certainly withstand the toughest of treatment. We provide the top choices from Germany giving you a better product for a better price.

Take a look at our range of high quality laminates:

Wiparquet Collection – Extreme durability, warm to the touch and quieter than other laminates.

Extravagant Collection – This range shapes the special character of this laminate flooring collection with beautiful patterns and surfaces, in the largest board format available on the market.

Classen laminate