Top Flooring Trends in 2019

Every year, flooring trends get more creative. Here’s what we are seeing in 2019.

Living: Think Eco – Think Green

More and more people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint not only in the way they go to work but also in the way they live. Here at Creative Flooring, we are seeing an increasing trend for natural materials obtained from sustainable sources. Options like cork, bamboo, reclaimed wood and engineered wood are proving to be very popular choices.

Take cork, for instance, it is a natural product non-toxic and taken from the bark of the cork oak tree. The tree comes from the ancient Mediterranean forest. It is a totally natural, renewable and recyclable product. Cork harvesting is one of the most environmentally-friendly processes in the world. Cork forests support one of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet, including the critically endangered Iberian Lynx, the Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Barbary Deer, many species of rare birds as well as many fungi, ferns and other plants. It also plays a key role in maintaining water-sheds, preventing erosion and keeping soils healthy.

Cork is the sustainable flooring choice of the future. The best natural insulator known, it will keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. Take a look at our range >>>

Cork Tiles

Engineered wood is another product that is popular as it looks and feels like wood but is less expensive and we use low VOC’s from eco-friendly vegetable oil-based products to finish it making it better for our environment. We have different grades of wood available – rustic, country and premium and within each range an extensive colour selection making it a perfect selection for your home. Discover more >>>

European Engineered Oiled Oak ‘Isanti’ on Country Grade

Bathroom: Wood-Look Tiles

Another ongoing trend is what is happening in the bathroom. Many people like the look of wood but understand it’s not the most practical option for a bathroom floor. That is why we are seeing new flooring options (including tile for the bathroom) that resemble wood. The wood-look planks come in many styles and colours, and look incredibly realistic. Ceramin is also rising in popularity due to its waterproof nature and range of colours and styles. This product has three different ranges but the most popular for a bathroom is the Vario range as it can be used on the floor and wall. It was developed as an alternative to natural stone and ceramic tiles. A combination of polypropylene with natural materials making the tiles lighter and easier to work with. Discover More >>>


Kitchen: Fresh, Clean and Grey

Having a durable floor in the kitchen is definitely a must have due to it being one of the most popular rooms in the house. But having a room that looks clean, modern and fresh is also a big plus. There are various flooring options that can be laid down in a kitchen from engineered wood to Ceramin and Laminate but it seems the most important factor for most customers is that it is durable and the right colour!

We are seeing an increasing trend with the colour ‘Grey’ and the use of grey woods, it seems when combined with brushed stainless steel it makes the perfect combination. Take a look at the Ceramin range of tiles as this product is waterproof, durable and comes in a range of on-trend colours and patterns.

Vario Flooring and Walls at Creative Flooring

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